Long range detection systems

As everyone knows, thunderstorms and lightnings are most of the times directly linked to each other. Lightnings occur from electrically charged clouds and stroke down to the ground in seconds. Those strokes can be very harmful, not only to the nature, but also to human beings. For some businesses or individuals, it might be very essential to be alerted before thunderstorms or lightnings appear.

For those who want to be alerted long before a thunderstorm or lightning occurs, there are devices that are able to measure thunderstorms and lightnings in a range of up to 300 miles (482.8 km). This is a huge difference to short range systems. In addition, the devices can measure the direction, intensity as well as the distance of far and close by lightning strikes.

The following Devices are used for long range detection systems.

• LD-250 Long Range Detection Kit: This device allows you to detect lightnings from far. It is mainly meant to stay at the office or at home.

• LD-250 Mobile Detection Kit: This device also detects lightnings from far, but will also send accurate data while in a car or even in a boat.