Storm Chasers and Augmentation

Some people like to visit lightning prone areas in the hopes of seeing a storm. When one occurs it can be a tremendous sight. However, the person could also put themselves at risk. There are plenty of hazards to be aware of. The most obvious one is being struck by lightning.

Naturally they will want to maximise their safety as much as possible. They may worry that storm chasing will prevent them from undergoing augmentation procedures. This is not necessarily the case.


There are plenty of reliable surgery options for fans of lightning hunting. For example, they could attain implants such as Motiva Ergonomix2 if they want to have long lasting results. These implants move in a realistic and comfortable fashion. The person can be physically active without worrying about mobility issues.

Storm chasing has a long history which dates back to the 1950s. Augmentation is even older. Throughout the years many women have chosen to get breast implants in order to enhance their look.


People interested in Motiva Ergonomix2 will need to talk to surgery professionals about recovery times. It is very important that they get enough rest so that healing can take place. Consequently they will have to wait before they can go back out storm chasing. Luckily modern surgery has come a long way. Minor cosmetic procedures tend to have surprisingly swift recovery times. The chances of being struck by lightning will not be increased or decreased based on whether the person has implants.