Boltek – a Canadian provider of detection systems

In this day and age where people are increasingly doing activities outdoors or where companies have vested interests in outdoor activities, it is necessary to provide people with protection. This not only make life easier but also protects the parties involved from unwanted costly lawsuits. Lightning detection systems are very important and people are increasingly finding their worth due to the accidents or unwanted injuries from lightning that these devices provide.

There are so many companies that provide such detection systems and these can be found on our Homepage. Boltek is company based in Canada and deals with lightning detection and prevention technology. They use state of the art technology to offer sophisticated lightning based systems for corporations as well as individuals. They offer user manuals to explain their software as well as their products. They provide software downloads that can be used on PC based systems to detect lightning , and they also provide different lightning detection products.

Some of Boltek’s technology was used on the famous CN Tower in Toronto. Tourists from all over the world come to this attraction for the ‘edge walk’ which is a first of its kind in the region. It is a hands free full circle walk and tourists are protected by over head safety rails as well as harnesses. Due to the frequent visitors and its height, it is prone to lightning strikes. The technology put in place by Boltek allows both the structure and the tourists to be safe in the event of a lightning strike. Boltek’s technology is also used at Cape Canaveral to create awareness about lightning as well as to time the launch of space shuttles so that there are no imminent thunderstorms. Boltek’s equipment and technology was first used when the Apollo 12 was struck by lightning and crashed.