Online Lightning Maps

Being out in the nature while a thunderstorm is imminent can be very dangerous. While some people or companies rely on lightning radars and detectors for their work, some might feel better and more safe if they know about upcoming thunderstorms and the risk of lightnings. Nevertheless, detection systems are most of the times very expensive and not really affordable for an ordinary person. Luckily, those detection devices are often used to, obviously, detect the thunderstorms and lightnings, but then people are actually willing to provide the data online.

Lightning Maps online

If you are not only interested in lightnings close to you, but you also want to see what is happening around the globe: Lightningmaps can provide an online map of the world that shows accurately where lightnings are happening at any given time.

Lightning Apps for Smartphones

There are different Apps that allow a user to see data that other people detect with their devices, be alerted of close by thunderstorms and the risk of lightnings. Some applications even notice your location and can send you warnings if necessary.

it is, therefore, not always necessary to buy and own a lightning detection device, if you want to be up to date about upcoming lightnings.