Amazing Benefits of Lightning Radars

With the mention of the term lightning, what may come into your mind is the type that hits the ground. This lightning is known as the cloud to ground lightning and is usually responsible for injuries and damages. However, the lightning makes up only 20 percent of all lightning. This means there is another type that is not easily noticeable without a lightning radar. The in-cloud lightning usually strikes from cloud to cloud. Despite not being dangerous to people, it indicates severe weather.

Read below about the benefits of lightning radars.

Eradicate Stress on Weather-Related Decisions

Outdoor facilities receive a lot of criticism for canceling events. Most affected areas are games and practices and, the primary reason is usually weather strikes. Making weather decisions can be very stressful as you will always be liable for any worse. Fortunately, lightning radars have made this easy as they can help you make accurate weather predictions.

Improves Safety

Being always informed is the most reliable way to protect your crew and other people from severe weather. Radars have the capability of monitoring incoming storms and other conditions. You only need someone who can monitor the systems and communicate with the people on the ground. This is important in keeping everyone alert about dangerous incoming conditions such as hail, winds, and lightning.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Making use of lightning radars will keep you aware of when it is too dangerous to proceed with business as usual. It will also keep you on alert the second it would be safe to resume. This leads to the reduced downtime in your working area, which translates to improved operational efficiency.


Lightning radars are considered useful in many areas. Some of the places they have helped create an impact include sports fields, airports, and other outdoor activities. It offers many benefits, particularly by helping keep people safe from severe weather conditions.